Treehouse Point

Pete Nelson with his dad and some friends began to build a treehouse when he was 5 years old. With a hammer and a screwdriver. This passion for wooden constructions and treehouse never left him and one day he found the right time and the right place to bring his passion to life. Pete has become a reference in treehouse and you can verify that in booking one or more nights in one of his treehouses in Fall city Washington state USA.

Tetra Shed: a portable wooden desk and much more...

Designed by architect David Adekunle Ajasa Tetra Shed is a curious seven faces hut. Tetra Shed caters to a population in search of an additional functional sheltered space and can not or will not transform a room for that. Built for permanent use, the other strong point of Tetra Shed is its scalable design that allows to connect several modules together depending on the intended use …

Poésie des ruines

Dès la fin du XVIIIe et au début du XIXe siècle on assiste à un mouvement de réappropriation de la campagne par la ville. C’est le début de la résidence secondaire qui touche toutes les couches de la société, même si certaines utopies rustiques sont imaginées par une élite intellectuelle et urbaine. Les faubourgs et les banlieues vont s’emplir de villas pittoresques, chalets rustiques, fausses grottes, guinguettes et kiosques en faux bois ou fausse pierre et c’est le triomphe de la rocaille…

Hans-Walter Müller, architecting ephemeral


Hans Walter Müller first became interested in the image.
His first bubbles were projected spaces.

Then HW Müller developed his inflatables for themselves. The first date from the late 60 Completely innovative, this technology has often met blockages: safety standards or even rules of protocol! True to his dream and his ideas, HW Müller refused to make concessions. What, on the contrary, do not stop to work hard.

It creates numerous swollen architectures for wholes kinds of uses (church, theater, show, mall, fashion show, dwelling house, etc.).